Early-Stage investment in high tech firms that power tomorrow’s media experience

Our investment focus is at the nexus of media and technology. We offer early stage investment opportunities primarily in scalable technologies powering music, games, e-sports, film & TV, social, and other media business platforms.

We focus on transformative media technology platforms

We value innovative and defensible technology, proper integration of IP into the value-chain, a scalable business model, and a strong, committed and passionate management team. We work closely with portfolio companies to help accelerate growth and reach exit.

We leverage our experience to build value

SMV was founded following a 20-year tenure in media & technology entrepreneurial operations, with the goal of bringing our experience and the differentiated network we’ve built to the entrepreneurs we invest in. Our experience in entertainment and media can both help us mitigate risk during due diligence and offer mentorship to our portfolio entrepreneurs to help accelerate growth.

Informed and sound investment decisions

We optimize value through thought leadership, operational excellence, integrity, and investment discipline. Our well-rounded team of directors and advisors assist us during due diligence and help our start-ups accelerate and scale their go-to-market strategy.

Our investments’ sweet spot

Seed Funding is one of the earliest stages of venture funding, which helps entrepreneurs cover expenses while launching their new firm. Early Growth Funding normally follows, via a bridge financing round or a Series A round, to help entrepreneurs commercialize their work and launch and grow an early minimum viable product (“MVP”) or service.

Most VC firms have moved upstream in recent years to make larger investments in later stage companies. High-tech media firms that need capital in the early stages of their life cycle, typically in the range of $100K to $1.5M, are in our sweet spot. We invest in various technologies, media and entertainment categories, target audiences and locations to offer a balanced portfolio and offset risk.

Our Team

Our team members each boast decades as executives, operators and investors in the media sector. Our Directors assist us during due diligence and help our start-ups accelerate their go-to-market strategy. Additional Directors will be added over time with varied domain expertise in specific media silos.

Shachar Oren

Founder & CEO

Vickie Nauman


Bill Campbell


Randall Foster


Todd Harris


Jon Gosier



We’re lucky to back amazing founders and teams who are building exciting companies, leveraging technological innovations to drive meaningful change and growth.

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